Who is Blakadder?

Between running this blog, Tasmota Supported Devices List and Zigbee Compatibility List I edit the Tasmota documentation and maintain Tasmota Docker.

You can catch me on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram or on Discord hanging in Tasmota, Home Assistant and many other servers under Blakadder#8319.

What I’m playing with

These are all the things I’m playing with lately, which might or might not end up as an article:

QIDI X-Plus 3 QIDI X-Plus 3 600mm/s heated chamber printer QIDI store, Amazon
Sovol SV06 Plus Sovol SV06 Plus large sized 3D printer Sovol store, Amazon, AliExpress
GL-S200 Thread router GL.iNet GL-S200 Thread border router GL.iNet store
Divoom Pixoo Divoom Pixoo pixel clocks Divoom Store
PTS200 soldering iron ESP32 powered portable soldering iron AliExpress, Banggood
Jeedom Luna Jeedom Luna Z-Wave+Zigbee Home Gateway Domadoo

My Tools


If you appreciate what I do and want to thank me with some cold hard cash you can:

Why can’t I spell my name right?

Blackadder was taken!