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Kincony KC868-A8 ESP32 8 Channel Relay Ethernet Board with Tasmota

When you’re very serious about your home automation you go wired!

Hacking the Sonoff NSPanel

Chronicling the journeys of decoding the NSPanel communication protocol and establishing control of the Nextion screen with custom firmware.

Sonoff NSPanel EU Switch in Detail

Sonoff NSPanel teardown and detailed overview.

Sonoff NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch Review

Next level in your smart home

BlitzWolf AF1 Air Fryer in Home Assistant Using Tasmota

Guide to seting up BlitzWolf AF1 air fryer running Tasmota in Home Assistant with only a blueprint and some rules and nifty Lovelace UI config.

IKEA Vindriktning air quality sensor running Tasmota

IKEA Vindriktning is an affordable air quality sensor with a well designed enclosure and you can connect it to your smart home using Tasmota and some soldering.

Devvis H750T Robot Lawn Mower Review

Robot lawn mowers are definitely not a new thing in the market, but its hard to justify the expense for small lawns. Enter the Devvis H750T robot lawn mower.

Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum Review

It sweeps, it mops, it disinfects, it cleans itself!

Aqara H1 EU Wall Switches Review

Aqara’s new line of Zigbee wall switches targeted for the European market.

Aqara Single Switch T1 (No Neutral) SSM-U02 Review

Best Zigbee solution to keep your existing wall switches without a neutral wire.

Proscenic T21 Air Fryer in Home Assistant Using Tasmota

Guide to seting up Proscenic T21 air fryer running Tasmota in Home Assistant with all automations and UI configuration.

Tuya Heater using Tasmota and Home Assistant Climate Entities

Guide to seting up a Tuya based heater running Tasmota in Home Assistant as a climate entity

Custom Firmware on Lanbon L8 LCD Touch Switch

Great hardware gets great software. Now updated with solderless flashing!

Tasmota Gas and Heat Alarm in Home Assistant

Guide to adding a Tuya gas and heat alarm running Tasmota to Home Assistant as device triggers or binary sensors. No configuration.yaml editing required!

Sonoff DUALR3 Review

Sonoff’s dual relay Wi-Fi smart switch with power metering and bluetooth (kind of)

Sonoff L1 Lite Review

Sonoff L1 Lite is a Wi-Fi RGB LED light kit

Tags in Home Assistant Using Tasmota RFID Reader

Set up Home Assistant tags using Tasmota RFID/NFC reader and custom discovery messages. No configuration.yaml editing required!

Tasmota Motion Sensor in Home Assistant Using Tasmota Integration

The definitive (?) guide to setting up a PIR in Tasmota and adding it to Home Assistant using a Tasmota integration discovery. No configuration.yaml editing required!

Lanbon L8 LCD Touch Switch Review

Smart switch with a view!

Sonoff B02 LED Bulb Review

New Sonoff bulbs! Are they better than the outdated B1?

Sonoff ZBMINI Review

The Sonoff Mini is the most popular device Sonoff offered. Making a Zigbee version was a no brainer. And they did!

Tasmotize the BlitzWolf Smart Air Fryer

How to disassemble and tasmotize the BlitzWolf Air Fryer BW-AF1.

Damage free disassembly of an EU Smart Plug

How to open a CN39 type case for EU smart plugs without damaging it.

BlitzWolf BW-AF1 Smart Air Fryer Review

BlitzWolf has recently released a smart air fryer which sparked my curiosity since I didn’t know what an air fryer is or why would you need a smart one. The...

Battle of the Zigbees

Ultimate showdown of cheap Zigbee sensors. In one corner is the veteran Xiaomi Aqara and in the other, a relative newcomer, Itead Sonoff. Two shall enter…

Tasmota Motion Sensor in Home Assistant Using Discovery

The definitive (?) guide to setting up a PIR in Tasmota and adding it to Home Assistant using discovery. No configuration.yaml editing required!

Frankenstein Saturday 3: ESP-12 Drop-in Replacement

How to flash an ESP-12 module and make a drop-in replacement of a nonESP82xx Wi-Fi module for which you don’t have any datasheet or pinout.

Xiaomi Smart Video Doorbell 2 Review

Xiaomi’s battery powered 1080p video doorbell review and why its not the doorbell for you.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S

Integrating Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1S in Home Assistant and a few practical automations to make life even easier.

Tasmota Lights in Home Assistant Using Template Schema

The complex world of integrating Tasmota lights into Home Assistant using template schema.

Tuya Covers in Tasmota and Home Assistant

Configure Tuya based motors for covers (curtains, roller shades, blinds, …) in Tasmota and Home Assistant

Frankenstein Saturday 2: Electric Roller Shade Boogaloo

How to replace a Realtek WR4 module with an ESP8266 running Tasmota.

Zemismart ZM25TQ Roller Shade Motor Review

Review of the Zemismart ZM25TQ roller shade motor and how to integrate it in Home Assistant using Tuya integration.

Dryer Notifications with Home Assistant GUI only

Dryer notifications using Tasmota with Home Assistant autodiscovery and automation triggers plus an energy cost calculation sensor and dryer state sensor.

Frankenstein Saturday

What do you do when you have a box of unused devices? Frankenstein ‘em into something new!

Smarter Coffee

I like my morning coffee. I NEED MY MORNING COFFEE! Let’s make it smarter.

No B.S., just BSS!

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