Bla(c)k Friday Sales Coupons, Discounts and Recommendations

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Bla(c)k Friday Sales Coupons, Discounts and Recommendations

Black Friday sales are upon us. Here are deals I found for items I use daily and recommend regularly on Discord and Twitter/X.

Full disclosure: Shopping links in this article are affiliate links and I earn a small commission when you buy through them which helps fund future reviews and projects. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer 40% off (29,99€) for three. My review

SwitchBot Smart Lock is a great retrofit smart lock solution that integrates in Home Assistant (you don’t need their hub). I even made it work with multipoint lock doors! Review coming soon.

TicWatch Pro 5, both black and sandstone are 279€ and there’s an additional 28€ voucher. My review.

Dreame L10S ultra - highly recommended by Valetudo guys and its 200€ off

Sonoff ZbDongle-P. Perfectly compatible with Zigbee2MQTT.

Sonoff NSPanel Pro. Popular smart home dashboard solution that fits into an electrical outlet or on your desk. It can even be your Zigbee coordinator or router.

Aqara Door/Window Sensor. Still the perfect door/window sensor. Small, incredible battery life and great design.

Refoss P11 Tasmota preflashed power monitoring plug. Its a bulkier plug but 4 for 40€ can make you forget that.

Eightree ESP32-C3 power monitoring plug with preflashed Tasmota. ESP32 if you need/want Matter support.

GratKit Firefly Wi-Fi filament dryer.


Black Friday

Best European smart home store. Black Friday discounts:

Great prices on Aqara T1 sensors, Sonoff NSPanel Pro


AliExpress Black Friday

After a massive 11.11 sale comes their Black Friday sale with similar deals and a new set of discount codes.


Not applicable in UA, MX, RU, AE, UZ, BH, KR, AM, KW, FR, SA, ES, KZ, QA, BR, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, OM, US

Code Discount Minimum spend
23AE10 9€ 75€
23AE20 14€ 140€
23AE50 47€ 280€
BF8 6$ 45$
BF10 10$ 80$
BF20 20$ 150$
BF50 50$ 300$
BF80 80$ 450$
US Only
Code Discount Minimum spend
USAFF6 6$ 45$
USAFF10 10$ 80$
USAFF20 20$ 150$
USAFF50 50$ 260$
USAFF80 80$ 450$
Poland Only
Code Discount Minimum spend
SPBF6 6$ 45$
SPBF10 10$ 80$
SPBF20 20$ 150$
SPBF50 50$ 300$
SPBF80 80$ 450$

You can see my recommendations in the 11.11 guide.


Great prices on their newest line of printers and filaments.

  • X-Plus 3 that can print almost any filament you can get your hands on with its enclosed actively heated chamber. Mine has done PETG, ABS, ASA, PA12 and Nylon with ease and the prints turn out amazing. Only 589$ and 10$ off with QIDI10 code.
  • X-Max 3 if you print HUGE (325x325) things with industrial filaments for just 899$ and 20$ off with QIDI20 code. This is a hardcore maker machine and the only machine like this in sub 1000$ price range. Next best thing is a Voron 2.4.
  • X-Smart 3 as a small entry level fully enclosed core XY desktop printer for 299$. Can be upgraded with nozzles from its bigger brothers and print the same filaments.

Qidi’s support is excellent and responsive and that’s an added value you appreciate when you encounter issues.

3D Jake

3D Jake is one of my go-to stores for 3D printing accessories and filaments. They carry spare parts for my Qidi X-Plus 3 and Sovol SV06 printers as well as many others. Free shipping on orders over 49,90€

I like these:


Geekbuying banner

Spin the wheel for additional discounts and rewards!

Discount codes with USD! (usable for any order and from any country)

  • code: GKB23BF50, $550-$50
  • code: GKB23BF25, $300-$25
  • code: GKB23BF20, $200-$20
  • code: GKB23BF10, $100-$10
  • code: GKB23BF3, $20-$3

Discount codes with EUR! (usable for any order and from any country)

  • code: GKB23BF50E, €550-€50
  • code: GKB23BF25E, €300-€25
  • code: GKB23BF20E, €200-€20
  • code: GKB23BF10E, €100-€10
  • code: GKB23BF3E, €20-€3

Extra discount for check out with PayPal, Klarna or Credit/Debit Card! €5 OFF orders over €100 or $5 OFF orders over $100

Geekbuying Black Friday coupon page. When you check out with PayPal, Klarna or debit/credit card you get additional 5€ OFF over 100€ order!

My recommendations:

  • an N100 mini PC for your smart home server and more. This wipes the floor with the usually recommended SBCs with only 7w idle power consumption.
  • BMAX MaxPad i9 Plus tablet 10.1-inch. Cost effective tablet for a smart home dashboard, comes with clean stock Android. Warning, it is not fast enough for normal daily use.
  • 6kg of Creality ABS in mixed colors. I really love how well it prints in my Qidi X-Plus 3.
  • 4kg Eryone Matte PLA. I have a few of these and they’re amazing and easy to print with!
  • Aqara door/windows sensors are the most recommended Zigbee contact sensors on Home Assistant discord
  • Aqara wireless Zigbee wall switches have the typical great build quality and design Aqara provides
  • Sonoff ZBMINI Zigbee relay module. My review
  • Ender-3 V3 SE 3D printer is a starter printer that’s aimed at users who just want to print, without any tinkering or tuning with auto bed leveling and auto Z offset adjustment.
  • Proscenic T21 air fryer. I wrote about Tasmotizing this one back in 2021 but its still functioning and is used at least twice a week.
  • Roborock S7 Max Ultra for 829€ before discounts. Always highly recommended and has an official integration for Home Assistant


SwitchBot Black Friday

SwitchBot Black Friday discounts up to 40% and free gifts for orders.

SwitchBot Smart Lock is a great retrofit smart lock solution that integrates in Home Assistant (you don’t need their hub). I even made it work with multipoint lock doors! Review coming soon.

SwitchBot K10. A tiny vacuum that vacuums like a big boy for 399€.


Sovol SV06 with Klipper support is 289$ -20$ with code K20. It’s a good beginner printer for someone who wants to tinker and learn more about 3D printers and the built in Klipper opens it up for faster and better printing.

If you don’t need Klipper the standard SV06 is only 195$ and if you need a large print surface (300x300) there’s the SV06 Plus for 279$.


Sonoff Black Friday

The good old Sonoff has nice codes $10 OFF $69+ with Code BF10 $15 OFF $99+ with Code BF15 $30 OFF $159+ with Code BF30 on top of good deals:


Ulanzi TC001

TC001 pixel clock is 20% off (or 22% for orders over 199€). One for 39,96€, two for 71,93€! Shipping from German warehouse.



Pixoo64 is a larger (64x64 pixels), more capable and more expensive pixel display. 131,95€ during the Black Friday sale but using my link gives a 10% discount which brings the price down to 118,75€. The API is open, there are various apps for controlling it and also a Home Assistant integration.


My Recommendations and Finds

JM-8192 180-in-1 precision screwdriver tool set has you covered for opening electronics.

SEQUER SI012 Pro Max TS-B2 Portable OLED Soldering Iron with Color Ambience TS Soldering Iron Tips Support PD|QC|3S-6S Battery Power Supply

PTS200 V2 100W Electric Soldering Iron Portable Quick Warm-Up Tin Melting Open Source Supports PD3.0 Firmware Upgradeable Battery Not Included T12/TS100 Compatible


Chief shenaniganeer!


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