Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter Review

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Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter Review


If you’re into tinkering with electronics one of the tools you can’t go without is a multimeter.

Full disclosure: This is a review sample sent to me free of charge by Gearberry. Review is not influenced by that fact and is solely my opinion. Shopping links in this article are affiliate links and I earn a small commission when you buy through them

Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter is available from Gearberry for 39.99€/41.99$.

This multimeter is a very capable tool with an emphasis on safety with IEC rating of CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V alongside CE and RoHS certifications, because safety is important when working with electricity. It measures 600V AC/DC voltages, 10A AC/DC currents, 60 MOhms resistance, temperature at 3 times per second reading frequency. On top of that it has a non-contact AC sensor and a built in flashlight. All this makes it suitable for all kinds of uses, from basic continuity testing to working on building installations.

The multimeter comes in a regular cardboard box.


Kaiweets provides you with everything you need to start using the multimeter, even the batteries. With them you are given a 95cm long test leads rated for 10A with removable tip isolation for finer work, a temperature probe and a manual.


Strangely enough the manual does not feature English language. Worry not because it is available for download directly from Kaiweets.


The multimeter is encased in a protective rubber shell. It will protect the multimeter from falls and impact and protect you from electrical shocks if things go awry.


As a bonus, the rubber shell also serves as a test lead holder so they don’t dangle around waiting for you to grab the pointy end. But there’s more… There’s also a hole to hang it on a screw and above it you can insert a clip or a lanyard. I am missing some solution to stash the cabled properly so they don’t dangle while carrying it around.

Another option is the sturdy pull out stand at the back to set it at an angle. Behind the stand is a battery compartment for 2 AA batteries provided with the device as already mentioned.


The screen has a high contrast for great visibility and you can turn on the backlight if needed.


The selection dial has a satisfactory click when turning and can be operated using one hand with ease. I really like that the multimeter shows you in which port you need to plug the leads in to use it. Much easier than deciphering the icons printed next to them.

Multimeter showing you which plug to use

I’ve been using the HT118A for continuity testing and PCB probing, checking if the electricity is live, checking the wall for electrical wiring before drilling, measuring battery capacity, surface temperature readings and it even served as a flashlight in a pinch when parts, typically very small ones, roll off into the “Depths of the Underdesk”.

Kaiweets HT118A will cover all your multimeter needs for smart home and tinkering tasks. It is a good beginners tool since its instructing you where to plug in the leads, has good safety features and a clear and concise manual while low priced.

It is also a good advanced tool because of its options for memorizing readings or min/max mode to capture lowest/highest measurement.

Kaiweets HT118A Digital Multimeter is available from Gearberry for 39.99€/41.99$.

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