Sonoff ZBMINI Review

The Sonoff Mini is the most popular device Sonoff offered. Making a Zigbee version was a no brainer. And they did!

Tasmotize the BlitzWolf Smart Air Fryer

How to disassemble and tasmotize the BlitzWolf Air Fryer BW-AF1.

Damage free disassembly of an BSD33 EU Smart Plug

How to open a CN39 type case for BSD33 EU smart plugs without damaging it.

BlitzWolf BW-AF1 Smart Air Fryer Review

BlitzWolf has recently released a smart air fryer which sparked my curiosity since I didn’t know what an air fryer is or why would you need a smart one. The...

Battle of the Zigbees

Ultimate showdown of cheap Zigbee sensors. In one corner is the veteran Xiaomi Aqara and in the other, a relative newcomer, Itead Sonoff. Two shall enter…

Tasmota Motion Sensor in Home Assistant Using Discovery

The definitive (?) guide to setting up a PIR in Tasmota and adding it to Home Assistant using discovery. No configuration.yaml editing required!