Sonoff NSPanel EU Switch in Detail

Sonoff NSPanel teardown and detailed overview.

Sonoff NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch Review

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BlitzWolf AF1 Air Fryer in Home Assistant Using Tasmota

Guide to seting up BlitzWolf AF1 air fryer running Tasmota in Home Assistant with only a blueprint and some rules and nifty Lovelace UI config.

IKEA Vindriktning air quality sensor running Tasmota

IKEA Vindriktning is an affordable air quality sensor with a well designed enclosure and you can connect it to your smart home using Tasmota and some soldering.

Devvis H750T Robot Lawn Mower Review

Robot lawn mowers are definitely not a new thing in the market, but its hard to justify the expense for small lawns. Enter the Devvis H750T robot lawn mower.